“Strong Mind, Strong Body”

We are women’s fitness studio that helps busy women build strength and confidence in a safe and supportive community.

Our mission is to help women build strength and confidence to have a great relationship with their body. We believe that people can create great change in this world when they feel confident and strong in who they are. We help women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to connect, strengthen their mind and body to love their body.








Peachy Built

Our specialized strength training booty program class that uses Barbells, Dumbbells, and booty bands to get you the strongest and peachiest butt ever!

Full-body Sculpt

Our Full body strength class uses various equipment, fun exercises and movement to get you building muscle, strength and mobility.



Lucy has been a fitness coach for 7 years she graduated from Cal Poly Pomona where she earned her bachelor’s in kinesiology Exercise Science, and got certified through the American Council on Exercise. She started her fitness journey back when she was 16 years old. She struggled with an eating disorder and injuries that affected her low back, knee and hip. The pain from her injuries and life events affected her mental, emotional, physical health. She hated the body she was in, which caused her to have low self esteem with the constant feeling of anxiousness and depression. There came a point in her life where she got tired of feeling stuck. She made it a goal to have a better relationship with her body and make a change.

Strength training and mobility helped her heal her injuries and empowered her to finally love herself. On her journey to healing she gained self love, strength, confidence and a new mindset. Through overcoming her own challenges she found her passion and life purpose, which is to help people connect to themselves through movement. Lucy believes people create great change in this world when they feel confident in who they are and do the work everyday to be stronger mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her training style will help you to move better, look better and feel confident in your body. Her style of training is Functional training where she involves strength training, and mobility with a dose of inspiration in each class.


I have tried all kinds of gym memberships, trainings, group classes, cardio routines, and Peachy Strong has been the perfect fit for me! not only is it a safe and supportive community of women , but Lucy is extremely caring and knowledgeable of what the best workout is for you based on your fitness level. I had a lot of anxiety going back to a workout routine after a severe calf injury , and Lucy has guided me through every step. Now I am happy to share I can squat more than my weight! I do a mix of group, cardio, and semi private classes. Lucy helped me change my relationship with my body and it is awesome to see other women get stronger alongside me. Thank you so much Lucy!


If you're looking for a safe space to begin your workout journey , This is the place and Lucy is your girl. She is fun, motivating, and continues to challenge us through creative workouts. I especially enjoy that classes are females only and that we focus on specific areas per day.


I've worked with Lucy/Peachy strong for many years now. Started when I was in rehab after a knee surgery. We started with the basics and slowly added in more/different/ fun exercises. Now that I'm 100% I've decided to try a new journey to see how strong I can get. Lucy has had my back since day 1, continues to support, encourage and even get me thinking outside the box! being a part of the Peachy Strong Community has been such an amazing experience. Watching these ladies get stronger everyday is inspiring. We are there to hold each other accountable, motivate and support each other- no judgements, everyone is welcome. It's the perfect place if you are looking for a fun community and an opportunity to create the best version of yourself!